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MIS 514


Management Information Systems

Course Code

MIS 514

Course Title

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

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Prerequisite Course


Course Level

Third Semester

Course Description

This course provides the students with a broad understanding of the fundamental concepts of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and explains their strategic, tactical, operational influences on businesses. It also presents different methods for determining whether a CRM strategy for changing the way a company provides service by adding new technologies, processes, and procedures will realize the return on the investment projected. Throughout this course, students will recognize how CRM theory is successfully applied by various real-life companies. Student will also learn the scientific reasons why people resist change, how to deal with it, how to measure the results in an on-going manner, and how to tie those measure results to the bottom-line.

Course Material

A list of articles.

V. Kumar, W. Reinartz (2012). “Customer Relationship Management: Concept, Strategy, and Tools.” Springer; 2nd ed., ISBN-13: 978-3642201301.

Reading Recommendation

Other online materials given through the LMS.

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