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FIN 363



Course Code

FIN 363

Course Title

Portfolio theory

Course Credit

3 hours

Prerequisite Course

FIN 220

Course Level


Course Description

Students learn how to analyze data at macroeconomic, industry, and firm levels. They, then, learn the process of making sound investment decisions by integrating multi-level analysis. The course, also, introduces students to portfolio theory. This includes portfolio choice under the mean-variance framework, Markowitz portfolio theory and the efficient frontier

Course Material

Modern Portfolio Theory and Investment Analysis

E. Elton, M . Gruber, S. Brown, and W. Goetzmann,Wiley,2006

Reading Recommendation

Bodie Kane and Marcus Investments and Portfolio Management, 5th Edition, McGraw Hill Irwin, 2011, Global edition, Ninth edition ISBN: 978-007-128914-6

Course Language


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