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The marketing function has become one of the important functions for any profit-making project, whether it is a commercial, industrial, or service project. In fact, since the 1970s, marketing activities have become among the basic activities of any non-profit organization, whether they are governmental organizations (service ministries) or non-profit civil society organizations such as charities.

Marketing is a science and art that is related to all the marketing research and studies that organizations need that precede the production of a good or service. This is with the aim of identifying the needs and desires of the target audience, and it also has a relationship with all the organization’s activities that follow the production of the good or service, such as: promotion activities, distribution activities, development and design activities of the product, and pricing activities.

Marketing is the cornerstone of the success of any organization, as most of the concerns of the marketing function are originally directed to caring for the customer, serving him, and working to satisfy him. The importance of the role that marketing plays in preserving the organization's customers has clearly emerged, especially in the era of globalization and the educated consumer who is aware of the options before him and intense competition.

King Saud University has realized the necessity of establishing a marketing department within its development plans. The marketing path was changed from being part of the Department of Business Administration to an independent department within the departments of the College of Business Administration, hoping from God Almighty for help and success in achieving the goals and aspirations of this department.

Last updated on : November 9, 2023 1:47pm