A Welcome by the Chairman's

Saudi Arabian economy is growing at a very fast pace. Industrialization, information technology, retailing, services, real estate sectors, etc. are booming and fueling urbanization. Marketing, as a business discipline, focuses on the study of understanding consumers' needs and behavior. A successful company needs dynamic and smart marketing professionals who can deliver the results to both the company and society. To achieve this in a competitive world students need employability skill set. At our department we teach students the necessary knowledge and skills. Teaching methods at the department have adopted cutting-edge technology in order to train the students to meet the challenges of the ever dynamic markets. In a nutshell, students are prepared for accepting corporate and social challenges of present and future.


Vision To be a leader in transferring marketing knowledge, conducting research and building relationship with society.


Mission To provide a dynamic environment that develops Marketing professionals; to involve students and faculty members in scholarly activities for advancement of extant knowledge in marketing discipline; and to build long-term partnerships with community.


Objectives  To comprehend and Analyze business problems using appropriate technology and numerical skills. To express ideas clearly, concisely, precisely, and logically in oral and written communication. To demonstrate awareness of ethical issues and responsibilities affecting busines


About Department

Marketing is one of the most important activities within the firm upon which all other activities are based. It is considered a vital link between the firm and its customers. Marketing is concerned with the study of markets in order to understand customers' needs and desires and provide them with products that satisfy their needs. It is also concerned with setting the marketing strategies that guarantee the pricing, distribution, and promotion of these products in a way that satisfies consumers. This demands a solid foundation of marketing theories that provide the marketing specialist with the required knowledge and skills.

The Marketing Department was established as an independent academic department in 1427H (2006G). Prior to this time, the department used to be an academic major within the Department of Business Administration in the former College of Administrative Sciences. When the Department of Business Administration was transformed into a separate college, the Department of Marketing was established in response to market and societal needs both on the local and international levels. The Department’s purpose is to graduate specialized and qualified individuals with competencies that the market needs in the field.

Furthermore, the Department plays an important role in teaching courses in the College’s Master’s and Ph.D. programs in Business Administration. The Department also contributes to the College efforts in responding to market needs in consultation, training, and specialized marketing studies.

Upon the completion of all graduation requirements, the student receives the B.S. degree in Business Administration, with a major in Marketing. The marketing curriculum ensures that the student receives an ample amount of knowledge in various marketing areas such as consumer behaviour, product management and development, distribution and sales management, pricing, marketing communications and promotion, marketing research, strategic marketing, in addition to electronic and global marketing.


The Professional Occupations For Marketing

  • Marketing Professionals

  • Sales / Outbound Sales Executives

  • Distribution Officers

  • Advertising Executives

  • Marketing Research Officers

  • Customer Service executives

  • Retailing front-end/ back-end operations

  • Supervisors and other related positions.


Degree Levels in Marketing Department

  • Bachelor in Marketing
  • MBA
  • PHD in Marketing