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About Council




The restructuring of the College of Business Administration in 2006 necessitated the reconfiguration of the administration of the master degrees in business.  The College Council in 2007 created the Council of Graduate Programs in Business Administration to run graduate degrees in business that are interdisciplinary in nature and do not belong to a specific department.  The Deanship of Graduate Studies and the University Council approved this structure, which aligned with University regulations regarding the management of interdisciplinary graduate programs.

Programs managed by the Council of Graduate Program in Business Administration:


  • Master of Business Administration (MBA)
  • Master of Business Administration (MBA continuing)
  • Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA)
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Business Administration (Ph.D.)
  • Future programs that fall under its domain.



To be recognized in the regionally and internationally as the leading graduate business administration program for educating managers, executives, and academicians.


Mission Statement:

As part of the region’s premier College of Business Administration, the Council of Graduate Programs in Business that directs all masters’ and doctoral degrees in business, aspires to educate future leaders through experiential learning, leadership skills development in a global business community and to conduct research that contribute to theory, practice, and education.


Program Directors:



Master Degrees in Business Comparison Chart




MBA continuing



  • Executives and managers with business experience.
  • Executives and managers with business experience
  • Executives with vast business experience.

Teaching Language

  • English.
  • English.
  • English.

Required Standard Exams

  • Qiyas for Graduates.
  • GMAT.
  • Qiyas for Graduates.
  • GMAT.


Program Start Date

  • First Semester.
  • First/Second Semester.
  • First Semester.


  • 5 Semesters.
  • 5 Semesters.
  • 4 Semesters.

Class Timing

  • Regular classes (morning for Females/evening for males).
  • Evening classes.
  • Non-traditional class times.


  • Standard delivery methods.
  • Standard delivery methods.
  • Non-traditional delivery methods.


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