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FIN 240



Course Code

FIN 240

Course Title

Principles of Risk & Insurance

Course Credit

3 hours

Prerequisite Course

FIN 200

Course Level

Elective (level 6 or 7 or 8)

Course Description

TThe objective of this course is to introduce the students to: risk in our society, types of risks, methods of dealing with risk, steps to manage risk, the legal principles of insurance and analysis of insurance contracts, types of insurers and marketing systems. The course also covers operations of insurance companies; which include: rate making, underwriting, production, claim settlement and reinsurance, and insurance pricing

Course Material


1. Principles of Risk Management and Insurance

George E. Rejda,2007

2. Risk Management & life Insurance .Mamdouh Hamza Ahmed,Cairo University,2004


Reading Recommendation

Scott Harrington and Gregory Niehaus, Risk Management and Insurance, 2 nd ed., McGraw-Hill, NY, 2003 or late edition

Course Language


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