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FIN 230



Course Code

FIN 230

Course Title

Financial Markets

Course Credit

3 hours

Prerequisite Course

FIN 200

Course Level


Course Description

Emphasis is placed on the nature of financial markets and institutions, their functions, dealings, structures, and their necessary characteristics to achieve maximum efficiency. Other topics covered in this course include:  financial systems, Saudi Monetary Agency, monetary policies, types and structures of financial markets and institutions.

Course Material

Financial Markets and Institutions

A. Saunders and M. Cornett,McGraw Hill Higher Education,2009


Reading Recommendation


Financial magazines and financial pages of newspapers (i.e. Al Eqtisadia newspaper, Wall Street Journal.

    Mishkin, F.S and Eakings, S.G. Financial Markets and Institutions 6th Edition, Pearson International Edition, 2009

Course Language


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