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About Center


Leadership in publishing Business Administration research (theoretical - practical) in The Arab World.



To encourage scientific research in the Business Administration field, and to provide support to researchers from faculty, students, and government agency’s staff members and to support the knowledge in the field of Business Administration.



  1.  Encouraging and financing faculty members and graduate students in the preparation and publishing knowledge-based research in prestigious scientific journals.
  2. Developing research and scientific studies related to development issues and the kingdom’s vision 2030.
  3. Preparation of research and studies required by governmental or private actors.
  4. Exchange knowledge and experience with other academic institutions.
  5. Implementation of projects, courses, and student’s research.
  6. Develop inter-library channels through which necessary scientific publications, references, and books will be made available to students and researchers. 
  7.  Hold conferences and symposia and offer training programs in management-related fields.


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About Center