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Investment Club

Our vision is to make the Investment Club, in the Financial Department at the College of Business Administration, one of the leading clubs at King Saud University. Achieving that by providing the club’s members with higher financial knowledge and various financial benefits.
This should Lead to an exceptional leap in the concept of non-classical students' activities.

To provide finance students in the College of Business Administration with the most updated information, give them the chance to link their theoretical education with the practical reality, build solid bridges between the financial department and the labor market and promote a culture of investment among the students of the university.

1- Promote a culture of investment among the community of students at the university.
2- Increase awareness of the importance of investment as one of the most essential principles in our daily lives such as investment in time and investment in work in addition to the investment of funds.
3- Ensure the permanent connection between what is taught from theories and principles and what is applied in practice through hosting professionals and specialists in seminars, conferences and lectures held for this purpose by the club.
4- Establish a structured database that contains information on all members of the club, current and graduated students to communicate with them in all activities.
5- Provide an opportunity for the club members to enroll in summer training programs coordinated with agencies that offer such training.
6- Act as an intermediary between the graduated students or those who are about to graduate and between employers searching for special candidates to recruit.  
7- Active participation of members of the club in all related activities and events held in cities and regions of the Kingdom as part of the club’s community service rule.

Last updated on : January 12, 2023 1:29am