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College Vice Deanship for Development and Quality


   About the College Vice Deanship for Development and Quality:

It is an administrative vice deanship that works under the college Vice Deanship for Development and Quality in the male campus and the college Vice Deanship for Female Students Affairs. The vice deanship manages the development and quality of the college in the female section, and it serves in achieving the accreditation standards in the educational and administrative process in the college. The College of Business Administration seeks to maintain the international academic accreditation AACSB, and the national academic accreditation EEC-NCAAA , and it also seeks to improve  the quality of administrative processes through the implementation of the Quality Management System ISO9001:2015.



Services provided by the  College Vice Deanship for Development and Quality :

Develop the necessary plans for academic and administrative accreditation at the college level, follow up their implementation, and support all departments and units to accomplish the tasks related to the accreditation.

Increase the awareness regarding the college mission and the standards of academic and administrative accreditation by disseminating it in the college.

Determine the necessary training needs to develop the skills of employees, and to participate in organizing the training programs in the college.

Document research and educational activities and events at the college and prepare the necessary statistics and performance indicators.

Prepare an annual report that documents the various activities and data in the college.

Build and update a database for faculty members in the college.

Update the website of the college.

Build a distinctive technical environment in the college to achieve quality standards.

Last updated on : October 15, 2023 12:19pm