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The restructuring of the College of Business Administration in 2006 necessitated the reconfiguration of the administration of the master degrees in business.  The College Council in 2007 created the Council of Graduate Programs in Business Administration to run graduate degrees in business that are interdisciplinary in nature and do not belong to a specific department.  The Deanship of Graduate Studies and the University Council approved this structure, which aligned… المزيد

The Academic Affairs Unit is responsible for facilitating and supporting the work of faculty members that aid in the success of the various academic programs at the College of Business Administratiion (CBA), through their active teaching and advising. The unit oversees the various program curriculum and the initiatives for new curricular, faculty teaching and advising, and also administration for all academic programs, the libarary, Co-operative training, and extra curricula activities.


1– Expose students to working environments in which they can gain the proper technical skills needed for the labor market.

2– Engaging students in different tasks assigned by the training institute which enhances their knowledge in different utilities and functions regarding managerial processes.

3– Increase students chances of obtaining  job offers especially within the training institute.

4– Elevating the students communication and written skills as well as their analytic and research skills.