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College Administration

About the department of Administrative Affairs:

     It is an administrative department that comes under the supervision of the Vice Dean for the Female Students Affairs which is concerned with implementing the administrative and financial rules, regulation, policies and procedures, and ensuring their performance efficiently and effectively. It also supervises the management and maintenance of college facilities. Moreover, it implements the specified procedures for receiving, transferring and distributing transactions in the college.     


Services Provided by the department of College Administrative Affairs:

Supervises the implementation of the regulations of the  administrative and financial affairs of the university.

Reporting  staff and faculty members returning to work and dismissal date

Monitors the purchase of the college

Track transactions of the contracting  faculty members in the college (vacations, visas, allowances, travel tickets, etc.) and report them to the competent authorities.

  Supervises the College's facilities and follows up its cleanliness and maintenance with the relevant authorities.

  Organizes the leaves of the faculty members, administrators, technicians and cleaners and report the return date.

  Communicates and follows up with the competent authorities to repair breakdowns in the college.

 Supervises the distribution of offices and furniture in the college.

 Supervises the attendance of administrators, technicians and cleaners.

 Monitors the financial affairs and the properties of the college according to the rules and regulations.

 Supervises the distribution of the transactions in the college.



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