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College Vice Deanship for Academic Affairs

About the College Vice-Deanship for Female Students' Affairs:

It is an administrative Vice-Deanship that is linked to the College Vice-Deanship of academic affairs in the male section and to the College Vice-Deanship in the female section. It is the administrative body responsible for overseeing the academic affairs operations in the female students and follow-up the progress of the educational process of the students during their academic study, and supervises the implementation of policies and programs approved in the areas of student affairs and educational supporting services.


Services provided by the College's Vice-Deanship for Female Students' Affairs

Implement the drop out and addition requests electronically through (SMR) to modify the student's schedule.

Building a student's schedule in accordance with the requirements of each level.

Organize the examination process to provide a good environment for students during the examination period.

Provide support and guidance for new students and introduce them to the college and its departments and prepare them for study and university life.

Support students academically, socially and psychologically and provide them with the necessary consultation.

Organize extra-curricular activities in the college through the management of specialized clubs in the college.

Prepare students for the labor market through linking the training bodies in the private and government sectors and the academic departments and candidates for training and meet the needs of each department of training opportunities.

Organizes the work of the center of integrated services (my window) for students in the college.


Last updated on : October 15, 2023 12:17pm