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Community Relations Unit


Leadership in Community Service



Strengthening the link between the College of Business Administration and the community by building bridges of communication and cooperation between them and highlighting the college’s role in internal and external activities and events. 



-Building a positive image of the college and introducing its important roles in community service

-Providing various programs to the community with qualified personnel and high-quality technologies; To achieve an effective community partnership

-Highlighting the role of the college’s programs; To strengthen the link between academic study and community service. 

-Supporting distinguished initiatives that provide programs and activities in community service.  

-supporting and encouraging all faculty members, staff and students; To provide services that enhance connections

-Spreading the culture of volunteer work among college employees

-Building partnerships and agreements with various parties to train students, serve graduates, and  various community institutions.

-Submitting periodic reports every semester and an achievements report at the end of the academic year

-Communicate with the Community Relations Office of the University Vice Deanship for Planning and Development, to do any new tasks



Last updated on : October 15, 2023 11:11am