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Alumni Unit

 Alumni Unit Overview:

Building a sustainable relationship between the College of Business Administration and its graduates by establishing a date base of their information to facilitate communication with graduates to reach workshops and job opportunities, which demonstrates their qualifications and help them to improve it after graduate.


Our Vision:

The unit aims to be an effective link between the college and graduates.


Our Mission: 

Providing all possible services for alumni with high quality in line with the college's mission.


Our Goals: 

     -Supporting the relationship between the college and its graduates.

    - Establishing a data base for the Alumni.

    - Communicating with alumni through social media and other channels. 

     -Cooperating with the Alumni Center to receive job applications and direct companies to them.

    - Providing the opportunity for graduates to communicate with the Alumni Center for job opportunities.

   -  Organizing an introductory meeting about  the unit to support and expand college’s loyalty awareness. 

    - Inviting alumni who have held a leadership position to participate as speakers in college's events. 

Last updated on : October 15, 2023 11:08am