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Alumni Unit

Alumni Unit Overview

The unit aspires to benefit our CBA alumni's by providing a variety of services within the college and university facilities, such as central & college libraries, computer labs and others. The unit also provides networking opportunities between our graduates and their college, academics and current students.


 Our Vision

The unit aims to be an effective link between the college and graduates.


Our Mission

To provide our graduates with excellence services that are in line with the overall college mission.


Our Goals

  1. To support the relationship between the graduates and college.
  2. To establishing a database that records all CBA graduates and their majors.
  3. To use social media as a mean to connect with our alumni.
  4. To provide data on our alumni's, to the different departments within CBA, when and if needed.
  5. To support graduate relationship with each other and CBA.
  6. To organize an introductory meeting for the unit to support and expand college’s loyalty awareness.
  7. To invite leaders from our graduate program to share their experiences.


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Alumni Unit

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