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Labs and risk management unit


About the unit:

An administrative unit under the supervision of the college’s Vice Deanship for Development and Quality.This unit oversees the operation of computer labs, auditoriums, classrooms, meeting rooms and arranges reservations. Also, publishing news and advertisements on the CBA’s website.

In addition, it is responsible for risk management by identifying and evaluating the expected risks to develop strategies that helps avoiding and minimizing their negative effects.


Unit objectives:

-Technical support for classrooms, computer labs and providing necessary programs.

-  Organizing events in the auditorium and meeting rooms.

-  Providing clear and useful content through the website.

-Quick access to the college news and advertisement.

-Improving technical services quality.

-Identifying and evaluating the expected risks.


Unit forms:

Male section

-  Organizing an event.


   Female section

-   Computers labs reservation.

-    Meeting rooms reservation

-    Auditoriums reservation

-    Suggestion and complaints on computer labs

-    Suggestion and complaints on the projectors


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Contact us:

Male section

Unit’s email 

Female section


Unit’s email

Website’s email

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