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BSBA major in Marketing

Degree Name:

BSBA major in Marketing


Program overview:

BSBA program in Marketing was started in the year 1427H-1428H. The reason/s for introducing Marketing program was due to the engulfed changes in the external environment regionally and globally. Globalization has brought turnaround changes at national level (Saudi Arabia) and regional level (GCC). These changes span across several segments of the society. Firstly foreign policy changes by Saudi Arabia infused FDI inflows into the country taking the country stand at tenth position in the year 2011. This prompted opening and growth of sectors like insurance, retail, tourism, marketing services, dairy industry and others. Further liberalization years ignited more such sectors to start and boom. Marketing department structured its programs, delivery, student service, faculty hiring, training and evaluation to meet this need.

Upon the completion of all graduation requirements, the student receives the B.S. degree in Business Administration, with a major in Marketing. The marketing curriculum ensures that the student receives an ample amount of knowledge in various marketing areas such as consumer behavior, product management and development, distribution and sales management, pricing, marketing communications and promotion, marketing research, strategic marketing, in addition to electronic and global marketing.


Program Description:

A survey of marketing activities in business and non-profit organizations. The course explains marketing principles, concepts, and activities in domestic and international markets and how these activities are affected by the cultural, social, economic, competitive, technological, and legal environments surrounding marketers. It also explains the role played by the marketing function in achieving organizational objectives and in sustaining the national economy. Discussion includes planning, implementation, and control of marketing programs using the four marketing mix elements: product, price, place, and promotion.


Study Plan

Program Courses Description


Program Requirement:

-12 years of schooling

-Placement test with a minimum of 3.0 out of 5.0

-TOEFL 500 / IELTS 5.0

-Placement test


Admission requirement:

-Achieve a JBA of 4 in the preparatory year.

-Achieve B degree and above in the two subjects ( 101 MGT + 201 MKT ).


Career Options:

Marketing Professionals

Sales / Outbound Sales Executives

Distribution Officers

Advertising Executives

Marketing Research Officers

Customer Service executives

Retailing front-end/ back-end operations

Supervisors and other related positions.

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