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CBA Strategic Goals and Objectives

The following are the strategic goals and objectives of CBA as specified in the Strategic Plan 2011–2016:


Goal: Establish and maintain an environment that ensures a high quality of business education at CBA.

Objective 1: Select highly competent students into its programs

Objective 2: Enhance academic programs and teaching practices that are in line with both international academic standards and market/stakeholder needs

Objective 3: Provide students with adequate support services and opportunities for participating in extracurricular activities



Goal: Conduct profound research to contribute to the advancement of business knowledge and practices.

Objective 1: Support quality research and maintain an active research culture at CBA

Objective 2: Encourage and facilitate the production of high quality scholarly output through optimal utilization of internal and external research resources available to CBA members


Faculty and Staff

Goal: Recruit, develop, and retain outstanding faculty and excellent staff to improve the teaching, intellectual contribution and service effectiveness of the college.

Objective 1: Recruit, recognize, and retain outstanding national and international faculty members and staff

Objective 2: Develop skills of faculty members in teaching and research and job-skills of staff members in variety of administrative areas



Goal: Build and strengthen strategic partnerships with business communities, professional organizations, and other constituencies at the local and international levels.

Objective 1: Build strategic partnerships with the business communities and leading business schools and involve them in all CBA activities

Objective 2: Enhance the CBA’s outreach relationship with alumni and involvement in related communities

Objective 3: Brand the CBA’s image as a leading business school in the local and global communities



Goal: Expand and maintain adequate resources to help achieve the CBA’s mission.

Objective 1: Generate more resources from internal and external sources



Goal: Attain and maintain accreditation from reputable national and international accreditation bodies and professional organizations.

Objective 1: Attain academic accreditation from both national and international accreditation bodies