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ECON 450

Course Title

Research project

Course Code

Econ 450

Prerequisite Course

Econ 416

Course Description

•          Fundamentals of research

•          Methodology

•          Steps  to undertake a specific research project on a selected economic issue

Course Level


Course Material

•          Alrufai, Ahmad. Methods of Scientific Research: Business and Economics Applications. Dar Wael. Jordan (2009). (Arabic)

Reading Recommendation

•          Suleiman, Huda, Mohamed. Economics Research Methods. Dar Almaerefeh Aljameyyeh. (2000). (Arabic)

•          Al Najjar F., N. Al Najjar, and M., Al Zoubi. Scientific Research Methods in Applied Perspective. (2009). (Arabic)

•          Qahtani S., A. Alameri, M., Al Metheb., and B. Alomar. Research Methods in Behavioral Sciences. (2004).

•          IMF website (

•          World Bank website (

•          Ministry of Economy and Planning (

•          The Central Department of Statistics (

•          Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency (SAMA)  (

•          Ministry of Labor (

•          The Egyptian Center for Economic Studies (

•          Riyadh Economic Forum (

•          Gulf Cooperation Council Website ( )

Course Language


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