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B.Sc. Economics

Degree Name:

 Bachelor of Science in Business Administration B.Sc. Economics


Program overview:

Since its foundation in 1379H, the Department of Economics at King Saud University offers a Bachelor’s degree program in Economics, and provides teaching of Economic courses to students of other programs within the university. Furthermore, the Department contributes to teaching activities of other universities, colleges, and institutions. Faculty members conduct scientific research and contribute to their society through research projects, and consultancies; and help in the dissemination of economic knowledge and awareness to the society at large.

The Department’s programs aim to produce highly qualified graduates in economics who are able to assume their roles as qualified economists in the job market and to conduct economic research and analysis in their designated fields of specialization. The programs also aim to provide student graduates with the analytical tools relevant to development of logical thinking that leads to appropriate solutions for any economic and management issues they may face. The Department attempts to develop capacity and expand the knowledge of its students through the study of specialized courses offered by other departments in the College of Business Administration, and other courses offered by departments in the University at large.

A high school diploma is required as an admission requirement for the Department of Economics.

The department is accredited by the NCAAA since May,2015


Program Description:

General Economics Track

Islamic Banking Track

International Trade & Finance Track


Program Requirement:



Credit Hours

University General Requirements


Prep Year Program


CBA College Requirements


Compulsory Requirements from within and from outside the Department


Elective Requirements from and outside the Department


Free Electives


Cooperative Training


Total Credit Hours




Career Options:

The importance of studying economics is indicated by the growing demand for economists at local, regional and international levels. At the local level, economics graduates are working in a large number of governmental ministries, public and private institutions. On regional and international levels, the role of economists cannot be understated, especially in regional and World organizations involved in activities related to various issues including economic integration and development economics.

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