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Faculty Member and Staff




Ahmed Sulaiman Alobaid
office     Tel:4674165

Ahmed Abdulakrim Almohaimeed

office :     TeI:4674374

Bashier Ahmed Alabdulrazaq

office :  -   Tel: 4693463

Khalid Abdullah Alkhathlan

office :  -  Tel:4674178

Khalid Ibrahim Aldakhil

office :  -  Tel:4674174

Mohammed Abdullah Aljarrah

office :  -  Tel:4693428

Mehboob ul hassan

office :-  Tel:4674110

Associate Professors 

Ali Othman Alhakami

office :  -  Tel:4674168

Hamad Abdullah Alghannam

office :  -  Tel:4674163

Hamad Abdulaziz Altowaijri

office :  -  Tel:4674170

Zayed Fahad Alhosan

office :  -  Tel:4674249

Hamad Mohammad Alhoshan

office :  -  Tel:4674176

 Nashwa Mustafa Mohamed

office:S180  Tel:8052522

Ayman Mohamamd. Hendy

office :  -  Tel:4674175

Abdulaziz Ali Alsudais

office :  -  Tel:4674175

Imtithal Abdullah Al-Thumairi

office :S 128  Tel:  8051069

Nizar Harrahi

office :  -  Tel:4674167

Assistant Professors 

Fahad bin Khalaf Albadi

office :  -  Tel:4674169

ِAbdullah Bin Mohammed Almalki

office :  -  Tel:4674378

Ahmed Nasir Alrajhi

office :  -  Tel:4674162

Abdullah Abdulrehman Alshebel

office :  -  Tel:4674132

Mofleh Ali Alshogheathri

office :  -  Tel:4693958

Mosaed Saleh Almasbahi

office :  -  Tel:4674154

Mohammed Ghazi Altammam

office :  -  Tel:4674128

Mohammad Hathloul Alhathloul

office :  -  Tel:4674371

saleh.M Alodayni

office :  -  Tel:4674177

Md Fouad bin Amin

office :- Tel:4674104

Karima Mohammed Kamal

office :S 136   Tel:8050364

Sarah Riyadh Najm

office : S121  Tel:-

Tahani Salem Bagazi

office : S 113  Tel:8052696

Abeer Thawad Al thawad

office : S128  Tel:-

Reem Abdul Rahman AlShegri

office : S120 Tel:-


Amal Shalayan Al ghanmi

office :S 120 Tel: 8050769

Amal abdulaziz abomelha

office :S112  Tel:8052944

Awatif sulayman AlMokbel

office : S114  Tel:-

Fouziya Abdullah  Alklabi

office :  S119  Tel:8051069

Meshael fahad Al-Khriji

office :S120  Tel:8051438

Heba Fouad Kattan

office :112  Tel:-

Nada Mohamed Al Swailem

 office :  S121 Tel:-

Bodour Rashed  Alhumaid

office : S121 Tel:-

Marwa Mohamed  Alsulame

office :  S129  Tel:8052717

Sara Mohammed Aldkhail

office : S121 Tel:8055487

Sameera Saeed Almalki

office :  S121  Tel:-

Teaching Assistants

Talal H. Alsabhan

office : S175  Tel:4693907

Abdullah Alabdulkarim

office : S210  Tel:4693954

 Hamoud Saleh Abdulaziz Almatroudi

office : 210  Tel:4674125

Yazeed Aldhafian

office : S209  Tel:4693907


office :  -  Tel:-

 Monther Mohammed Ibrahim Al-Hussini

office :S209  Tel:-

Mohannad Alsalman

office :  -  Tel:4693329

Saleh Alomari

office :  S211 Tel:-

Saleh A.Alghahamdi

office :  S154 Tel:4674356

Alaa  Abdullah  Abdulwahed

office : S129  Tel:8052771

Deema Saleh Aldrees

office : S128  Tel:8052896

Abrar Saeed Bagalb

office : S113  Tel:-

Aisha Othman Al-Agroush

office :S128  Tel:-

Shaima AlGhannam

office : S128  Tel:-

Abdullah Bandar Alaiban

office : -  Tel:-

Rawan humod Alqahtani

office : S113  Tel:-

Sara abdullah Almani

office : S113  Tel:-

Suha Almowina

office : S113  Tel:-

Imran Khokhar

office : S 151 Tel:4693941

Mashaal Mohammed Al Harthy

office : S 151  Tel:4693429

Eman Al Nahdi

office : S101 Tel:8050167

Ghada Al Shahrani

office : S101  Tel:8056546