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M.Sc. Economics

Degree Name:

M.Sc. Economics


Program overview:

The Department of Economics at King Saud University was founded as the first Economics department in a Saudi Arabian university. The history of the department dates back to the year 1379H (1959G), when a College of Commerce was first established with Economics and Political Science sharing a single department then. The name of the college was subsequently changed to the College of Administrative Science, which was itself renamed as the College of Business Administration in 2006 after a major restructuring of the previous college. The new college consists of seven departments being respectively: Economics, Administration, Human Resources, Accountancy, Finance, Marketing, and Management Information Systems.  

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia witnessed an era of tangible progress and development in its economy and supporting sectors. This quick-paced development process have highlighted the need for well trained and qualified economists to work in both the public and private sectors of the economy – hence the growing need for the services of the graduates from the Department of Economics, King Saud University.

The Department of Economics is responsible for teaching all economic subjects at the university level. It also contributes to the academic activity, both within and outside the university campus, to colleges and other institutions according to their needs.


Program Description:

-The program main objectives are:

 To graduate qualified cadres in the economic field.

To educate and equip students by providing them with the scientific knowledge and skills

 necessary to obtain good opportunities in the labor market in the public sector.

 To fulfill the Kingdom’s  private sectors’ needs for qualified economic personnel.

To prepare students for PhD degree in Economics.



Study Plan


Program Requirement:

Admission requirements for the program are:

1 - The applicant must satisfy the requirements stated in the Postgraduate Statute of Regulations.

2 - The applicant must possess a B. Sc. (Econ) from the College of Business Administration, King Saud University or a equivalent degree.

3 - Under special conditions, the applicant with a degree other than Economics may be admitted to the program.

4- The applicant must successfully pass a written exam and an interview arranged by the Department.

5 - The applicant must successfully pass a number of necessary course prerequisites.

6 - The applicant applying for the program must satisfy the English Language requirements: (successful completion of an extensive course in English),  or have a TOEFL score of no less than  53 points (Computer based score) equivalent of 475 points (paper based score).


Career Options:

The importance of studying economics is indicated by the growing demand for economists at local, regional and international levels. At the local level, economics graduates are working in a large number of governmental ministries, public and private institutions. On regional and international levels, the role of economists cannot be understated, especially in regional and World organizations involved in activities related to various issues including economic integration and development economics.

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