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ECON 440

Course Title

Topics in Trade & Finance

Course Code

Econ 440

Prerequisite Course

Econ 325

Course Description

•          Emerging Markets Economies.

•          Contemporary Foreign Trade.

•          Role of Multinational Corporations in World Trade.

•          Global Financial Markets Integration.

•          Pattern of Global Finance in the 1990s.

•          Recent Financial Crises.

Course Level


Course Material

Addison-Wesely. 2006

•          Palmer, H. International Trade and Finance. Euro money Institutional Investor PLC. 2000

•          Bishop, E.; Finance of International Trade. Butterworth-Heinemann. 2003

•          Cowdell, P., and D. Hyde. International trade Finance. eighth ed. Financial World Press. 2004

•          Newsletters of the economic forum

•          International Monetary Fund, Finance and Development Bulletin, Various Issues

Reading Recommendation

•          International organizations periodical and bulletins

•          IMF website ( )

•          World Bank website (

•          Gulf Cooperation Council Website ( )

Course Language


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