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Econ 431

Course Title

Industrial Economics

Course Code

Econ 431

Prerequisite Course

Econ 201

Course Description

•          The concepts and classification of industries.

•          Industrial structure: concentration measurement and influences.

•          Firm behavior.

•          Industrial Performance: Oligopoly models.

•          Importance and requirements of industrialization.

•          Government policies.

Course Level


Course Material

  - Bamakhrma ,Ahmed Saeed. The Industrial Economy, Dar al-Zahra, Riyadh 2001

Reading Recommendation

  • Kiefer, Richards U.S. Industry: Structure, Behavior, and Achievement. Translation Abdulaziz Zoom. Obeikan Bookshop, Riyadh 2000
  • Quraishi, Midhat Kazim. The Industrial Economy, Dar Wael for Publication, 2000
  • Carlton, D.W., J. M Perloff ; Modern Industrial Organization.4thed. Addison Wesley.2004
  • Martin, S; Industrial Economics: Economic Analysis and Public Policy. Macmillan. 2001
  • Clarke, R Industrial Economics. Blackwell Publishers. 1986.
  • Cabral, L.M, : Introduction to Industrial Organization. MIT Press. 2000

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