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ECON 422

Course Title

Urban and Regional Economics

Course Code

Econ 422

Prerequisite Course

Econ 102

Course Description

•          Urban economics: Theory of Agglomerations.

Analysis of market place of firm and the Central Place Theory.

Analysis of Proliferation and problems of urban areas.

Regional economics: Analysis of trade and factor movement between regions and economic growth.

Growth theories at regional semesters.

•          Regional problems and policies that support regional economic growth.

Course Level


Course Material

•          O’Sullivan, A.; Urban Economics. McGraw Hill Publishers 6th ed. 2006.

•          McCann, P.; Urban and regional Economics. Oxford University Press. 2001.

Reading Recommendation

•          Abdullah,  M. H., Regional Economics: with application on Arab countries (In Arabic)


عبدالله، محمد حامد. الاقتصاد الإقليمي مع التطبيق على الدول العربية؛ جامعة الملك سعود، الرياض (1998م).


غنيم، عثمان محمد. مقدمة في التخطيط التنموي الإقليمي؛ دار الهناء، عمان (1998م).

Ministry of Economics and Planning website

Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency website

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