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ECON 418

Course Title

Energy Economics

Course Code

Econ 418

Prerequisite Course

Econ 201

Course Description

•          Energy resources, developments of demand and supply.

•          Energy markets: institutional factors that influence oil markets.

•          Strategic companies in the oil industry.

•          Optimal allocation of energy resources.

•          Production and pricing of energy resources.

•          Recent issue in the oil market and other energy resources.

Course Level


Course Material

•          Alkhuly, Sayyed, Oil Economics, Dar Jeddah for Publications, Jeddah, (1999).


Reading Recommendation

•          Griffin, J. M.; Energy Economics and Policy. 2nd ed. Academic Press. (1d Energy Economics. Elsevier Science Publishers. (1993).

•          Le Bel, P.; Energy Economics and Technology. The Johns Hopkins University Press. (1982).

•          Helm, D., J. A, Kay and D. Thompson; the Market of Energy. Clarendon

•          Merklei, H.; Energy Economics. Gulf Publication.

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