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ECON 314

Course Title

Islamic Economics

Course Code

Econ 314

Prerequisite Course

Econ 102

Course Description

•          The roots of Islamic economic thought and its framework.

•          Islam and the economic problem.

•          Consumption and Consumer behavior.

•          Production and Producer behavior.

•          Investment and saving.

•          The economic role of the public sector.

Course Level


Course Material

- Al-Zamil, Yusuf and Buallam Ben Jalali, Islamic Economic Theory, Dar Alam Alkutub (1996).

- Al-Zamil, Yusuf, Ahmed Balkhair and Abdulaziz Alsudani, Money, Banking and Financial Markets: A Comprehensive View Point, King Saud University, Riyadh (2000).

- Siddiqi, Mohammed Najatalla;  Teaching of Islamic Economic Subject; Scientific Publication Center, King Abdel Aziz University, Jeddah,2007.

-Al-Mokren, Khalid; Islamic Economics.  Theoretical bases

Reading Recommendation

- Martan, Said, Introduction to Economic Thought in Islam, Alresalah   Institute, Beirut (1986).

 - Elgari, Mohammed, Introduction to basics of Islamic Economics, Dar Hafiz for Publishing and Distribution, Jeddah (1991).

- Ministry of Economy and Planning web site.

- Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency web site.

- Islamic Economics Centers' web sites.

- Islamic Jurisprudence Councils' web sites.

Course Language


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