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ECON 212

Course Title

Principles of Public Finance

Course Code

Econ 212

Prerequisite Course

Econ 102

Course Description

•          Macroeconomic models and the market economy.

•          Market failure and the government intervention.

•          Public revenues and expenditures.

•          Taxes and fiscal policy.

•          The Government budget.

•          Public debt.

Course Level


Course Material

Brey, Zain Al-Abdeen; Public Finance and Government Budget; 2nd edition, 1422H.

Musgrave & Musgrave , Public Finance in Theory and Practice, Translated by Mohammed El-Sabaki  & Kmil  Alaani, Dar Me rich,  Riyadh, 1992. 

Reading Recommendation

SAMA, Annual Reports Ministry of Economy and Planning, Achievement of Development.

IMF website

Ministry of Economy and Planning website

Ministry of Finance website

Course Language


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