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ECON 101

Course Title

Principles of Microeconomics

Course Code

 Econ 101

Prerequisite Course


Course Description

• Introduction: Definition, methodology, tools of economics, and the economic problem.

• The Price mechanism: Basics of supply and demand, and the market.

• Analysis of consumer behavior.

• Market demand, equilibrium, and Elasticities.

• Theory of production and costs.

• Market structures.

Course Level


Course Material

Al-Moneef, Majid. Principles of Microeconomics, King Saud University, Riyadh (1998)

Reading Recommendation

Al-Dakheel, Khaled, Introduction to Microeconomic Theory, Riyadh (2000)

Saeed , Afaf and Majeed Hussain, Introduction to Microeconomic Analysis, Aman (1997)

Course Language


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