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BSBA major in Accounting

Degree Name:

BSBA major in accounting


Program overview:

Founded in 1379/1380 AH (1959/1960 AD), the accounting department in the College of Business Administration is one of the oldest academic departments among national universities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Since its inception, it offers a Bachelor of Accounting program, which is implemented through a four-year study plan that provides the knowledge and skills necessary to qualify students professionally to meet the growing needs of accountants in the public and private sectors in the various fields of accounting (Financial Accounting, Management and Cost Accounting, Government Accounting, External and Internal Auditing, Accounting for Zakat and Taxes, and Accounting Information Systems) with the highest level of professional ethics, knowledge, capabilities and skills 


Program Mission :

To provide students with accounting knowledge and skills that enable them to achieve an exceptional performance in the labor market; and to establish an educational environment that foster a profound scientific impact and enhance opportunities to meet the changing needs of society.


Program Learning Outcomes:

1. Recognize accounting and auditing, concepts, methods, principles, and procedures.

2. Recognize cost and managerial accounting’ approaches, techniques, and systems.

3. Prepare financial reports in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).

4. Prepare cost and managerial reports for decision making.

5. Apply Zakat and Tax requirements in line with national standards and regulations.

6. Apply internal and external auditing procedures in accordance with International Auditing Standards (IAS) and International Standards for The Professional Practice of Internal Audit.

7. Analyze and interpret financial reports for decision making.

8. Communicate effectively and professionally in oral and written forms.

9. Analyze complex and unstructured accounting problems using critical thinking and appropriate tools and technologies.

10. Demonstrate independence and responsibility for their own learning and continuing personal and professional development.

11. Demonstrate effective interpersonal, leadership, and decision-making skills in dealing with various accounting issues.

12. Identify ethical issues and develop appropriate courses of action that consider the well-being of others and society.


Program Description:

Study Plan  

Description Of Courses 


Program Requirement:

Subsequent to the proposal of the College Council and the stakeholders; and the University Council’s recommendation, the University Administration sets the number of students who can be admitted into the program during the next academic year. The following conditions are required from the prospective student in order to be accepted in the university:

1. The student must hold the general secondary certificate (i.e. High School Diploma) or any equivalent from inside or outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

2. The general secondary certificate or any equivalent must not be more than 5 years old.

3. The student must have good behavior and conduct.

4. The student must successfully pass the examination or the interview held by the senate.

5. The student must be medically fit.

6. The student must obtain the approval from his employer allowing him to study if he works in the public or private sector.

7. The student must meet any conditions assigned by the senate at the time of registration.

8. The student should not have been expelled from any university due to disciplinary or academic reasons.

9. The student who already has a bachelor’s degree or any equivalent will not be admitted for another bachelor’s degree. However, the senate is entitled to some exceptions.


Career Options:

Staff Accountants

Internal Auditors

External Auditors

Financial Analysts

Tax and ZAKAT Specialist


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