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Faculty Members and Staff





Mohamed .H. AL-Moghawli

office:S 196   Tel: 4674243

Saleh .R. AL-Aamri

office:S 194   Tel:4674242

khalid .R. AL-Adeem

office:S 161   Tel:4674297

Associate Professors

Waleed .M. AL-Shabani

office:S 158  Tel:4674237

Yahya .A. Aljabr

office:S 216    Tel:4674238

Ahmed Zakaria Osaimi

office:S 205    Tel:4674267

Assistant Professors

Mohamed .S. ALTasan

office:S 206   Tel:4674244

Nasser .M. Alsadoun

office:S 160    Tel:4674239

Ahmed .A. AL-Mnief

office:S 199    Tel:4674285

Ahmed Youssef Abdelrahman

-: officeS 207  Tel

Mohamed Abdelmonem Yossef

officeS 242   Tel:4693899

Mohamed Ahmed Hanafy

-: office:S 16    Tel

Abeer .Y.ALSalloom

-: office3S 55  Tel

Nawal .A. Al-Brahim

office:S47  Tel:8059071

Hanan .H. AL-Marhabi

-:office:S40 Tel

Nafisah .A.AL-Yami

office:S65  Tel:8058073

Azzam Alsuhaibani


office:-  Tel:-

Mohammad I. Al-Mefleh

-:office:-  Tel

Faisal .S. AL-Salhi

-:office:-  Tel

Omar .A. AL-Hamd

-:office:-  Tel


-:office:S188 Tel


Abdulaziz .A. AL-Qahtani

office: - Tel:4693464

Yasser .A. AL-Nfjan

office:S 197  Tel:4674255

Emaan .A. AL-Aqeel

officeS 34   Tel:8052737

Hanan bin Mahfooz

officeS 61   Tel:8056754

Hayat  .M. Al-Yafe

officeS 41   Tel:52807

Saja .A. AL-Suliman

office:S 33   Tel:8052844

Kayan .M. AL-balawi

office: 3S 189   Tel:8056743

Lamya .AAl-Bunyan

office:S43   Tel:8052085

Lina .A. Baarimah

office:S39   Tel:8051052

Manal  .O. Al-Agroush

office:S31  Tel:8052065

Muneera alhammadi

office:S34  Tel:-

Maha .IAl-Harbi

office:S36   Tel:8052610

Hana .A. AL-Ageel

office:S38  Tel: 8052901

Hana .A. Al-Mughamis

office:S46  Tel:8051976

Wafaa .H. Al-Sheikh

officeS61  Tel:8051910

Noura .A. AL-Madi

office:S46  Tel:8051708

Saleh .M. AL-Tasan

office:S 203  Tel:4693464

Mohamed .S.AL-Salman

office:S 171   Tel:4674295

Adwa .A. AL-Naim

office:S35   Tel:8052812

Ruba . A . Abunayyan

office:S45  Tel:8050475

Wafa .A. AL-Rashed

office:S33  Tel:8052384

Aws. I . AL-Musallam

-:officeS 220 Tel

Mohammed .A. AL-Qusair

-:officeS167 Tel

Abdulelah .A. Bin knain

office:S164  Tel:4674252

Abdulaziz I. Al-Sowidan

officeS244               Tel

Mohanad M. Al-Majed

Mohammad I. Al-Sentli

office:S204              Tel

Ziad Al-HabJar

officeS200              Tel

salem Al- omairi

Abdullah F. Al-Farawi


Abdulaziz B. AL-Etibi

Mohammad A. Al-Funtokh

Sadeem .F. AL-Fawzan


Reem .HAl-Salahi





-:office:S65 Tel

Noha . A.AL-Qaouad

-:office:S39  Tel

sarah fahad aldaoud

office:S190  Tel:805549

sarah abdulaziz almuaither

-:office:S187 Tel

salwa saad aldawood

-:office:S190  Tel

nourah abdulaziz almagushi

office:S187  Tel:8052635

Ghada S. Almubarak

-:office: S38-  Tel

Mohammed A Alsubaie

office : S163     Tel  : 4674240

Abdullah N.Alqahtani

Teaching Assistants

Riyad A. Alzahrani

office : S162

Muhammad Z. Alaskar

Abdulrahman I. Aljadhai

Kholoud K. Alshafi

office: S65   

Nada S. Aldakhil

ofiice S65

Feton I Almuslim

office: S65  


Talal Alamri

office:S149   Tel:4693465

Sultan Alburik

office:S149   Tel:4693446

Amira Mohammed Al Omran

office:S71   Tel:8052058

Abeer Alghamdi

office:S71   Tel:8052487



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