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Master of Science in Human Resources Management


Degree Name:

Master of Science in Human Resources Management (Courses Option).



Program overview:

The Department of Management was first established in 1379 AH (1959 AD) with the establishment of the College of Commerce. It was named the Department of Business Administration. During the past four decades, the Department of Business Administration was able to graduate thousands of students, who have held many prominent positions in the Kingdom.

In 2006, and after re-structuring the College of Business Administration, its name changed from the Department of Business Administration to the Department of Management. It now offers two study tracks: Management and Human Resources Management. The curricula of these tracks were based on benchmarking with the best Business Schools around the world, in order to prepare highly qualified graduates who can contribute to the economic development of the Kingdom. The Department adopts a policy of continuous updating of its plans and programs in consistency with scientific progress, and the actual requirements of the labor market. The current program is established in response to this policy.



Program Description:

Study Plan


Admission Requirements:

A Bachelor's degree in Management from KSU or any other accredited institution. A Bachelor’s degree in other disciplines can also be considered according to the conditions specified by the Department

Passing an interview set by the Department. 

All applicants should obtain a minimum score in TOEFL or IELTS test according to the schedule set out below:




TOEFL via Internet


TOEFL: paper-based







Program Requirement:

Successful completion of 45 credit hours of graduate courses distributed as follows:

  • 36 credit hours from the core courses.
  • 9 credit hours from the elective courses.


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