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Faculty Members and Staff







Abdulmohsin A. Nasani 

office :  S 14     Tel: 4674359

Zahid Mehmood

office : S 67      Tel: 4674317

Associate Professors 

Abdullah M. Aldhakil

office :   S 16    Tel:4674004

Nisar Ahamad Nalband

office :  S55    Tel:4674678

Nadeem Ahmed Bashir

office :  S 49    Tel: 4674442

Randa S. Alyafi

office : S 172    Tel:8051973

Assistant Professors

Muhammad Abro

office :  S 57    Tel: 4674317

Abdullah Al-assaf

office : S 52    Tel:-

Suad  A. AlDukhaykh

office :S 131    Tel:-

Sadaf Sodagar

office :S 130  Tel:8051846

Elham Elshafie

office :S171    Tel: 8052979

Rima Hassan BinSaeed

office :S 176 Tel: 8050311

Ghadeer A. Alsanie

office :S 50   Tel: -


Abdullah H. Alfaqieh

office :S 18  Tel: -

Fahad S. Alaqely

office :S 23  Tel: -

Faisal H. Alshabanat

office :S 25  Tel: 4793912

Abdulaziz Hamad Alazzaz

office :S 53  Tel: -

Abdulrahman Alshimeimri

office :S 21  Tel: 4793488

Asma A. Alswaeed

office : S123  Tel: -

Tagreed A. Almarshedy

office :S50  Tel: -

Jawharah N. Alyami

office : S178  Tel: -

Hazami Adel Halwani

office :S 180    Tel:-

Hanan A. Alankari

office :S133    Tel: -

Sara I. Alasheikh

office : S 124  Tel: -

Faten Fahd Alrumaih

office : S125  Tel: -

Najat Almutairi

office :S179  Tel:8052187

Hanan Almathami

office :S178  Tel:-

layla saad alhashem 

office :S177 Tel: 8051295

Mashael Eid Alkelabi 

office :S174 Tel: 8051932

Munirah Abdullah  Alotaibi

office :S124 Tel: 8052855

Nada hamad  Alhamad

office :S175 Tel:8053253

May Saleh AlYahya

office:S174 Tel:8050274

Hessah K. Aljasser

office:S48 Tel:-

Fatimah A. Alshiha

office :S179 Tel:-

Maha Saeed Alzailai

office:S173 Tel:8052445

Teaching Assistants
Hussain Alqatifi

office:S22 Tel:-

Hala Ahmed Alajmi

office:S48 Tel:8052963

Alhanoof A. Alotaibi

office:S51  Tel:-

Shroque S. Alsubaie

office:S51   Tel:-

Hala Salah Alsalimi

office: S125   Tel:-

Noura ibrahem Alshuaier

office:-   Tel:-


Hassah ALFaheed  

office :  S  2   Tel:8052127 


office : S  2  Tel:-

Balsam ALFadda

office :S 2  Tel :8051422

Haifa ALharbi

office : S  2  Tel:-

Alam Zeb Amir

office:F128 Tel:4693937

Arshad Ahmad

office:S46  Tel:4674063

Khawaja Jehanzeb

officeS261 Tel : 4674304


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