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ECON 423

Course Title

Applied Econometrics

Course Code

Econ 423

Prerequisite Course

Econ 416, Statistics for Business II,

Course Description

•          Data, Variables, Models, and Econometric Methodologies.

•          Time series Analysis:

Box – Jenkins Methodologies.

Stationarity, Cointegration and Error Correction Methodologies.

•          Analysis of Panel Data.

Course Level


Course Material

•          Stewart, K. G. “Introduction to Applied Econometrics”, Thompson 2005.

Reading Recommendation

•          Walter Vandal, Time series analysis: empirical view, translated by Abdelmorthi Azzam and Ahmad Haroon, Dar Almirreekh, Riyadh (1992).

•          Economic Databases

•          Microsoft EXCEL, WORD and PowerPoint

•          Econometric Views (E-VIEWS)

•          SPSS

Course Language


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