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DSC 546

Course Code

DSC 546     

Course Title

Probabilistic Decision Analysis Models   

Course Credit

3 Hours

Prerequisite Course

QUA 501, SDE 522

Course Level

 Level three/second year

Course Description

This course investigates several probability models that are important to operations research applications. Models covered include Markov chains, birth and death processes, queuing theory, reliability theory, scheduling and inventory theory, and decision theory. The course emphasizes both the theoretical development of these models and the application of the models to management science. Application areas include finance, marketing, facilities design, production and energy systems.

Course Material


Reading Recommendation


-  Operation Research Applications and Algorithms / Waynet l - Winston .

Introduction to Management Science / Bernard W. Taylor III

Introduction to Operations Research ,  Frederick S. Hillier & Gerald J.Lieberman


Coarse Language


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