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The College of Business Administration (CBA) is one of the pioneer colleges of KSU, which was established in 1959. During the five decades of its prominence, the CBA has educated many business professionals, managers, entrepreneurs, leaders and political figures; and has seen its graduates' progress to prestigious appointments in Saudi Arabia and other countries. The CBA is imparting knowledge and skills to students that are required and preferred by the potential employers. The CBA offers bachelor, master and doctoral programs to students who are of top caliber with excellent academic preparations in their school education. The CBA has nine departments namely Accounting, Economics, Finance, Health Administration, Management; Management Information Systems; Marketing; Public Administration, and Quantitative Analysis.

The CBA has clearly articulated its international perspective in the mission and the same has been appropriately reflected in CBA’s teaching, research and service areas. CBA is much keen in selecting top caliber students into its programs and preparing them to serve in the workforce. The faculty members of the CBA are capable of engaging in effective teaching, innovative research and outstanding services. Our faculty members’ intellectual contributions are well recognized in the regionally.                                            

The CBA is dedicated to contributing to the development and prosperity of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and global communities. Hence, it is committed to improving its academic programs and curricula; building strategic partnerships with leading business schools, business organizations and professional bodies on a global scale; developing the scholarship of faculty members; and using instructional technology in the teaching and learning processes. The CBA pursues the implementation of its strategic initiatives that are geared to enhance its academic and extra-curricular endeavors; and to provide its staff, faculty and students with greater opportunities to grow professionally and personally. Therefore, the CBA meets the ever-growing needs for qualified manpower in Saudi businesses and other organizations. If you are student, we urge you to go for the challenge of becoming a graduate of the CBA. At the same time, be assured that the CBA can help you to get where you wanted to be in the future, whether you are a first time college student, or a working professional exploring postgraduate degree options.