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Doctor of Philosophy in Public Administration

About the program:

Recognizing the importance of the role played by the public sector in the development process and the need for specialized and highly qualified human cadres to assume leadership positions in public organizations, and to contribute to upgrading the level of education in graduate studies, conducting advanced research and studies, and providing management consultations to public sector institutions, the College of Business Administration offers a PhD program in public administration in response to the needs of society and in response to the continuous scientific development and to cover the local market's need for scientific competencies in this field. The program is a group of faculty members specialized in the field of public administration who hold a doctorate degree from major American and British universities, and the number of faculty members who hold a doctorate degree in public administration is 27 members, including professors, associate professors and assistant professors, in addition to a number of lecturers, lecturers, teaching assistants and teaching assistants. The scientific productivity of faculty members specializing in management is one of the highest in the college, and it is also the highest in the Arab world in the field of management. 



Degree Name:

Doctor of Philosophy in Public Administration (Ph.D.  in public Administration


Program Objectives:

The PhD program in Management aims to meet the needs of the public sector in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for specialized cadres in the field of management capable of transferring and localizing administrative knowledge and technology. Upgrading the level of public service academically and professionally.  It also aims to graduate highly qualified specialists in the field of conducting management research, teaching in academic institutions and providing management consulting to public organizations. Specifically, the most important objectives of the program are summarized as follows:

Rooting and developing management knowledge.

Upgrading the skills and knowledge of public sector employees.

Contribute to the development of the field of public administration in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Preparing young administrative leaders with a high degree of competence and skill to manage public organizations.

Provide the student with basic skills in applied administrative research and diagnosis and solving administrative problems.

Upgrading the skills and knowledge of public and non-profit sector employees.

Preparing administrative leaders and providing them with a high degree of competencies and skills to manage various organizations

Transfer and localization of administrative technology and enrich the Arab library with specialized administrative studies.



Program Admission Requirements:

Admission requirements in the unified regulations for postgraduate studies:

The applicant must be a Saudi or on an official scholarship for postgraduate studies if he is a non-Saudi.

The applicant must have a university degree from a Saudi university or from another recognized university.

To be of good conduct and medically fit.

To submit two scientific recommendations from professors who have previously taught him.

Approval of the reference to study if he is an employee.

Full time.

The department may require passing a number of supplementary courses from a previous stage.


Admission requirements for the department:

The applicant must have a master's degree in public administration, administrative sciences, or other disciplines related to regularity (non-executive) with a grade of at least very good or its equivalent if it is from a university that grants it with a grade.

A minimum score of (5.5) in the (IELTS) test or its equivalent.

The applicant must have a score of not less than (80) in the general aptitude tests for university students.

Pass the personal interview and written tests set by the department.

Work experience of at least two years.


Degree Requirements:

Passing (36) units (hours) divided as follows:

Twenty-one (21) units in general core courses

Fifteen (15) units in courses in the field of specialization

Pass comprehensive tests.

Passing the supplementary courses approved by the department.

Successful completion of your doctoral thesis.



Doctoral Program Tracks in Public Administration:

The program includes the following tracks:

-Human Resource Management in the Public Sector

-Health Management

-Public Financial Management


General structure of the program:

HR Track Study Plan

Health Administration Track Study Plan

Study Plan for Public Financial Management Track

Course Description

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