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Continuing Master of Public Administration

  The name of the specialization in the graduation document:

Continuing Master of Public Administration


About the program:

The Department of Public Administration was established in 1397H (1977G) at the College of Administrative Sciences with the aim of developing the administrative skills and administrative thought of practitioners and specialists in the field of public administration, and preparing highly qualified national cadres to manage public organizations effectively and efficiently. The department started with a bachelor's program, and a master's program in public administration was established in (1410H) (1990G). In 2006, the College of Administrative Sciences was restructured, and the Department of Public Administration became affiliated with the College of Business Administration, and the undergraduate program was canceled, and the department became limited to providing graduate programs.

The department has always sought to develop the curricula of its programs and update them according to the actual needs of the labor market, and the latest internationally recognized standards, through the use of the experiences of the most prestigious and advanced academic programs in the field of public administration, with the aim of preparing highly qualified cadres that contribute to achieving the requirements of development in the Kingdom. The department currently includes a group of faculty members graduating from the most prestigious international universities, who have made pioneering research contributions, many of whom have reached professorships in public administration.


Program Vision:

To be a pioneer at the regional and global levels in teaching, scientific research and community service .


Program Mission:

Preparing administrators at a high professional and academic level to meet the needs of the public and non-profit sectors. Conducting scientific and applied research that integrates professionalism with excellence, as well as serving the needs of the community through partnership and effective research. Moreover, maintaining a distinguished academic staff contributes to the delivery and updating of quality academic programs.


Program Objectives:

Qualifying public administration cadres capable of managing public organizations effectively and efficiently.

Enhance general management knowledge through serious academic research programs.

Provide practical solutions to local administrative issues and obstacles.

Building and strengthening the strategic partnership by providing advisory services to organizations in the public and non-profit sectors, partnering with professional organizations, and other public departments.

Contribute to the professional development of public employees in the public and non-profit sector to advance in their agencies.


Program Description:

Study Plan

HR Track Study Plan

Study Plan for Strategic Leadership and Management Track

Study Plan for Public Policy and Budget Track

Description of Master of Public Administration courses



Program Requirements:

To obtain a master's degree in public administration, the student must complete 42 hours with a grade of at least "very good", as follows:

(30) hours of compulsory courses.

(9) Specialization Courses Hour.

(3) Elective course hour.


Admission Requirements:

-Admission requirements in the unified regulations for postgraduate studies:

The applicant must be a Saudi or on an official scholarship for postgraduate studies if he is a non-Saudi.

The applicant must have a university degree from a Saudi university or from another recognized university.

To be of good conduct and medically fit.

To submit two scientific recommendations from professors who have previously taught him.

Approval of the reference to study if he is an employee.

The department may require passing a number of supplementary courses from a previous stage.

-General admission requirements of the university:

A minimum score of (70) in the general aptitude test for collectors.

-Admission requirements for the department:

The applicant must have a bachelor's degree in public administration, administrative sciences, or other disciplines related to regularity or its equivalent with a minimum average of high good.

Pass the personal interview and written tests set by the department.


Career options:

All jobs in ministries, institutions and government agencies in the administrative fields, including (quality and development, training and management consulting, strategic planning and management, personnel affairs, general budget, municipalities, development).

Academic and research positions in public and private education.


 Program Supervisory Committee:


Actual work

Contact Number

Dr. Najla Al-Khalaf



Ashwaq Al-Obili



Haila Aldossary



E-mail Address

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