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Management Information Systems [MIS] is one of the new departments in CBA College. It provides its students with the skills of designing, building, and managing the management information systems that support businesses. Department course plan has been designed to enable the graduates to do the following:
• Use the MIS tools and technologies in a practical and productive manner to accomplish their job duties.
• Study and evaluate the key management processes and procedures and re-engineer them in a more efficient manner.
• Analyse, design, and develop information systems that support operational and administrative activities of institutions.
• Analyse, design, and develop databases as the mainstay of the management information systems.
• Plan, coordinate, and manage projects of developing management information systems.
• Assist enterprises in designing and activating information security policies.
• Manage the development of E-Business web-applications.
The department program is designed to enable the graduates to fill a number of jobs including:

Information Systems Analyst

Information Systems Designer

Information Systems Consultant

 Director of Information Center

 Information Systems Project Manager

 Director of Information Services

 Database Administrator

 Director of Information Security

 Director and Developer of E-Business Applications.

    In addition to several other jobs.


Study Plan - click here

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