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Program learning outcome

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA-MIS)

Program Learning Outcomes (PLOs) – September 2023


Knowledge and Understanding:

-Define the core concepts, theories, and application of MIS and their role in organizations.

-Demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of core business knowledge and advance MIS principles that is required for MIS specialists to do their role effectively.



-Apply MIS theories and applications to support business objectives across functional areas.

-Analyze, design, and develop MIS using various contemporary approaches and tools.

-Solve complex business problems using MIS applications to make informed decisions that based on real time data.

-Integrate emerging technologies and trends in MIS into business operations to achieve business competitive advantage on different industries. 



-Demonstrate knowledge of ethics, professional, social responsibility, and social forces.

-Participate effectively as a member or leader of a team based on ethical principles and quality standards.

-Pursue lifelong learning and continuing education. 

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