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Master of science in Accounting

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Master of Science in Accounting



Program overview :

Over the last two decades, accounting topics has been progressed and changed rapidly. On the other hand, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has experienced significant developments and changes at the macroeconomic level. The most important development is the encouragement of the private sector to grow and participate effectively in the comprehensive economic growth.

The 5-year strategic plan of the college of Business Administration is geared towards the effective participation in this growth by providing the community of business administration with specialists and expertise in the different business and economic areas. Accordingly, the master program of accounting had to be reviewed in order to cope with this development and to enable it to produce the qualifications required for the development strategy.

The present Master program of accounting has started at the beginning of the academic year 1405-1406 h., and been revised to incorporate new developments in accounting and to fulfill needs of labor markets in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, by providing scientific oriented courses instead of professional courses and, providing a scientific accounting program qualifying for admission to doctoral program in accounting field.



Program Mission :

The department mission is to develop well prepared accounting graduates with the highest-level of professional integrity and technical base of Knowledge, Abilities, and Skills (KASs) to meet the challenges of a dynamic business environment through our excellent teaching, innovative research, multi-disciplinary approach and partnerships with leading businesses, universities, and research institutes worldwide.



Study Plan :

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Description of courses



Admission Requirements:

In addition to meeting the requirements provided in higher education legislation, and King Saud University general requirements for admission to a graduate program click here , applicant must: 

  1. Have a bachelor degree in accounting with at least a (very good) GPA.
  2. Obtain a minimum score of 5.5 in IELTS or its equivalent score in TOEFL; STEP is not accepted.



Program Requirements:

:Completing 42 hours from program courses, as follows: 

  • 30 credit hours from the core courses.
  • 12 credit hours from the elective courses.



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