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Master of Public Administration ( MPA )

Degree Name:

Master of Public Administration ( MPA ) 


Program overview:

The Public Administration Department was established in 1977 (1397H) in the College of Administrative Sciences with the aim of developing administrative culture and skills of the specialists and practitioners in the field, and to highly qualify national cadres to efficiently manage public organizations.  Initially, it started with a Bachelor program, and continued to provide its services for twelve years before starting its Master Degree in Public Administration in 1990 (2006H). Following the Restructuring of the College of Administrative Sciences, the Department became part of the newly established College of Business Administration; the Bachelor program was annulled, and the Department was limited to Graduate studies. 

The Department has constantly strived to develop and update its programs and curricula in accordance with actual needs of the labor force market, and in line with the latest internationally accredited standards. For that purpose, it collaborated with other advanced and acknowledged programs worldwide. Today, The Department comprises a group of faculty members that have graduated from the top universities of the world. They have enriched their field with notable researches that earned many of them the degree of professorship.


MPA Program Mission:

Prepare professional administrators to meet the needs of the public and non-profit sectors, conduct scientific and applied research that integrate professionalism with excellence, as well as serving the society needs through effective partnership and research. Moreover, maintain a highly esteemed academic staff that contribute to delivering and updating quality academic programs.


MPA Program goals:

To qualify public administration cadres capable of effectively and efficiently manage public organizations.

To advance the public administration knowledge through serious academic research programs.

To provide practical solutions to local administrative issues and obstacles.

To build and strengthen strategic partnership through providing advisory services to organizations in the public and non- profit sectors, partnering with professional organizations, and other constituencies.

To contribute in the professional development of public and non-profit employees for the advancements of their agencies.


Program Description:

Study Plan

study plan Human Resources management 

study plan Leadership and Stategic management 

study plan Budget and Puplic Policies


Program Requirement:

To achieve the Master Degree in Public Administration, a student must pass 42 hours with a GPA of no less than “very good”, according to the following details:

•(30) credit hours of compulsory coursework.

•(9) credit hours of core specialized coursework.

•(3) credit hours of elective coursework.


Career Options:

  • All the positions in the ministries and governmental organizations in the administration field including: (quality & development, training and consultations, planning and strategic management, HR, public budgeting, Municipalities, and development).

  • Academic and research posts in the general and private education.

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