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MKT 201

Course Code

201 MKT

Course Title

Principles of Marketing

Course Credit

3 hours

Prerequisite Course

101 MGT & 101 ECON

Course Level


Course Description

This course is the introductory marketing course for business majors and other interested students attending at King Saud University. Marketing is a dynamic, competitive and creative activity that is part of our everyday lives.  Studies have stressed that an average person is exposed to many marketing oriented activities daily, thus many of us don't realize it. There are many aspects of marketing that you have not considered systematically.  The general purpose of this course is to provide you a basic understanding of what marketing is all about. The course begins with classes that deal with what is marketing, marketing management, and the marketing environment and will provide a broad picture of the course. Following this, the course will examine such issues as marketing research, consumer behavior, segmentation, targeting, and positioning strategies.  During the rest of the semester the course will cover product strategy, pricing strategy, distribution strategy, and promotional strategy.

Course Material

Charles W. Lamb, Joseph F. Hair, Jr., Carl McDaniel, Cengage Learning, ISBN 13: 978-1-305-63182-3, Student Edition, 10.

Reading Recommendation

Levitt, T. (1960). Marketing Myopia. Harvard Business Review, July–August, pp. 45–56.

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