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MGT 411



Course Code

MGT 411

Course Title

Strategic Management

Course Credit

3 Hours

Prerequisite Course

101 MGT

201 FIN

201 MKT

Course Level

Level (7)

Course Description

The goal of this subject is to learn the fundamentals of how to manage organizations strategically. Strategic management of organizations is a complex undertaking which starts with the central question: why are some firms more profitable than others? The course will require students to examine this question by integrating knowledge from prior business courses, while simultaneously learning and applying new strategic management concepts, principles, frameworks and methodologies.

The case method will be used extensively to combine theory and application in Arab companies.

Course Material


David R.Fred, Ali Abbas, and Al –Aali Abdulrahman  ,”Strategic Management: Concepts and Cases  , Arab World edition, Pearson, 2011.

Reading Recommendation


Richard Lynch, "Strategic Management", Sixth Edition, Pearson, 2012.

Online Resource :

1)      Strategic Management Club Online


2)      Prentice Hall


3)      King Saud university digital library

Course Language


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