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MGT 371



Course Code

 MGT 371

Course Title

 Operation Management

Course Credit

 3 hours

Prerequisite Course

 101 MGT

Course Level


Course Description

Operations management as a subject is concerning with planning, analyzing, designing, controlling, and managing the processes that transform inputs (in the form of people, equipment, facilities, materials, etc.), into products and services desired by the customers. Under Today’s global environment, the efficient design and management of the transformation processes that utilize these resources are becoming the most valuable strategic resource a company has, instead operation management had become the most important tool in shaping the firm's ability to create, organize, transfer, and leverage its business poison.

   The basic purpose of this course is to provide students with a broad understanding and knowledge of several operations management concepts. Such concepts include (but are not limited to) operations strategy, processes design, forecasting, inventory management, scheduling, and quality management. Emphasis will be placed on the application of these concepts to actual business situations.

Course Material

Operations and supply chain Management”, Global Edition. Jay Heizer and Barry Render, Pearson, Eleven Edition.

Reading Recommendation

Stevenson William, J. Operation Management, 9rd edition, McGraw. Hill 2006.

Jacobs F. Robert and Chase Richard, Operation and supply chain Management, McGraw. Hill 2007.

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