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MGT 214



Course Code

MGT 214

Course Title

Business Ethics and Social Responsibility

Course Credit

 3 hours

Prerequisite Course

101 MGT

Course Level

Level  (5)

Course Description

The purpose of this course is to introduces students to the most current and important ethical issues in the business environment.

A course seeks to bridge the gap between personal moral choices of an individual and the business challenges presented by corporate activity in the marketplace.  Our work in this course will raise student awareness surrounding these legal, moral and ethical challenges in business, create a sensitivity to the implications of business decisions so student can make the most effective decision possible, equip students with tools and strategies for managing ethical behavior, and encourage them to critically evaluate the decisions of other business leaders.

Course Material

Book: Business Ethics concepts & cases, Manuel G. Velasquez. Seventh Edition,2014

Reading Recommendation

Book: Business Ethics, McGraw-Hill, King Saud University,2011

Videos on the ethical theories in chapter two have been produced by INTELECOM

Search “Professor Michael Sandal, - What’s the Right Thing To

Do?” Available from website: .

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