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Master of Science in E-Business


Degree Name:

Master of Science in E-Business


Program overview:

The global business environment has been dramatically changing over the last 10 years. Such changes have had an enormous impact on the business we knew for a long time. All kind of business, profit or non-profit, and the kind of careers the contemporary business requires have been transformed into new forms. E-Business has become an undeniable reality with applications for all kinds of businesses from banking to government administration (e-Government), from manufacturing to sales, from medical fields to logistic management, and from transforming education to customer relations. Consequently, the need for professionally trained E-Business managers, who can help either new or already-existing firms and organizations to seamlessly integrate E-Business technology into their businesses, has emerged. A number of accredited universities and colleges, headed by MIT, followed by Stanford Business School, Wharton, Harvard and Carnegie-Mellon and other European schools, have developed E-Business programs on both undergraduate and graduate levels. The emergence of E-Business is changing the way traditional firms plan, structure and manages their organizations so in order to accommodate the emerging E-Business marketplace and the high demand for related program in the new economy MIS department in BA College at King Saud University, with a goal in mind to catch up with the leading universities and colleges, has performed a thorough comparative study of the E-Business programs that are offered in the top-ranked business schools around the globe. This study has resulted in a special program that suits the kingdom needs and the entire region as well. The program, described below, is considered to be one of the leading programs offered in the region.


Program Description:

Study Plan


Program Requirement's:

In addition to meet King Saud University general requirements for admission to a graduate program, Applicants to the Master degree of E-Business program must:

- Hold a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution in any of the majors of Business Administration, Information Technology, Engineering, or Engineering Management. It is possible to consider applicants from other disciplines related to information technology and business administration areas.

- Get a minimum score of (61) on the TOEFL test (Toffel-IBT) or a minimum score of (67) on the STEP or equivalent.


Career Options:

The department program is designed to enable the graduates to fill a number of jobs including:

Information Systems Analyst

Information Systems Designer

Information Systems Consultant

 Director of Information Center

 Information Systems Project Manager

 Director of Information Services

 Database Administrator

 Director of Information Security

 Director and Developer of E-Business Applications.

  In addition to several other jobs.



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