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BSBA major in Finance

Degree Name:

BSBA major in Finance


Program overview:

The BSBA program in finance was introduced in Fall 2009 due to increasing demand for finance graduates. Initially the program had an intake of just 50 plus students. In the subsequent years it increased its intake by more than 100 students. By looking at the enrolment history it can be summarized that the actual enrolment had been more than the planned enrolment in the program. This clearly indicated that there is a greater need for finance graduates in the industry. In order to ensure the currency and relevancy of the curriculum the BSBA program administration constantly ensures that a good relationship is maintained with industry and professional advisory groups by means of inviting them to provide their input for the review and development of the program. The program administration has noted that the majority of the graduates of the program. Most of them  had been employed in their field of study. 


Program Description:

General goals of the BSBA program in Finance:

1.      Develop quality graduates who contribute to the economic development of Saudi Arabia.

2.      Generate qualified financial professionals to fill positions in both public and private sectors of Saudi Arabia.

3.      Prepare students to pursue graduate studies in Finance at local and international schools. 


Study Plan

Description of Courses



Program Requirement:

1- GPA above 4

2- B or above in Principles of corporate finance course (200Fin)


Career Options:

Though BSBA Finance Graduates are not licensed for any specific Profession, they are prepared and trained for the following positions of Financial Analyst, Equity Analyst, Portfolio Manager, Investment Analyst, Investment Broker, Insurance Underwriter, Insurance Settlement Agent, Loan Officer, Venture Capitalist, Financial Consultant, Wealth Manager, Finance Manager, Derivative Manager, Valuation Expert and, Long Range Planner etc.


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