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ECON 329



Course Title

Development Economics

Course Code

Econ 329

Course Credit

3 hours

Prerequisite Course

Econ 102

Course Description

Meaning and measurements of economic development.

Characteristics of developing countries.

Obstacles of economic development.

The population phenomenon.

Theories of economic development.

Economic development strategies.

Economic development in Saudi Arabia.

Course Level


Course Material

Mamdoh al-Khateeb, Development and Planning, Damascus (2003)

Fayze AlHabib, Theories of Economic Development, King Saud University (1405 H).

Human Development Reports, UNDP, various years.

Economics of Development: Dwight H. Perkins, Michael Roemer, translation by Taha Mansour& Abdelatheem mostafa, Dar Almarriech, 1995

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Course Language


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