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ECON 421

Course Title

Feasibility Studies and Project Evaluation

Course Code

Econ 421

Prerequisite Course

Econ 102

Course Description

Basic Concepts.

Market Study.

Technical Study.

Financial Study.

Profitability Criteria.

Socio-economic Analysis.

Course Level


Course Material

Atteyeh, A. Economic and Social Feasibility Studies. (2001)

Principles of   Feasibility and Project Assessment of Investment, Translated by Oneies Alzant, Academic Library. (1992)

Abdelaziz, S. M., Economic Feasibility of Investment Projects. (1987)

Reading Recommendation

Golf organization for Industrial Consulting Website:

United Nations :

World Bank:

EDI Teaching Material Series Number 1, Compounding and Discounting Tables for Evolution

UNIDO Manual for the preparation of Industrial Feasibility Studies.

OECD Manual of Industrial   Project Analysis in Developing Countries. Methodology and Cases Studies

Course Language


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