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ECON 414

Course Title

Islamic Banking Services

Course Code

Econ 414

Prerequisite Course

Econ 211

Course Description

•          Characteristics of Islamic banks.

•          Credit and non-credit banking services.

•          Islamic finance practices: Musharaka,  Modaraba….etc

•          Sources of Credit in Islamic banks

Course Level


Course Material

•          Arab Banks Union, Management of Assets and Financial Risk in Traditional and Islamic Banks, Beirut. (2002).

•          The Islamic Center for Researches & Training;

Reading Recommendation

•          Obaidullah, M. 2006. Islamic Financial Services. Jeddah: King Abdullah Aziz University

•          Wilson, R. 2006. The growth of Islamic banking and product development among Islamic retail banks. In S. Jaffer (Ed.). Islamic Retail Banking and Finance. London: Euro money books.

•          Ministry of Planning

•          Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency

•          Islamic Banks

•          Bureau of Islamic Fiqh

Course Language


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